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You see they are all the same Company. They sell under different names, because the States keep track of each Companies complaint record. Any company with more then 300 complaints a year gets investigated.

Believe me if you combined Farmers and Mid-century alone, you would have well over 400 complaints. We have tried for 4 years to get them to settle a case with us. They have ignored us, till we hired a Public Adjuster to help us, then they harassed us, hired an Engineer to steal all the evidence and write a phoney report about the condition of our damaged home.

Trust me, if you have FARMERS INSURANCE and you have a loss, you are going to get the shaft, and they get to keep your money. One of there many disgruntled adjuster told us, "The Company policy is to stall, ignore, confuse, and 90% of the people will fall off the edge of the earth." At the end of the year the BIG RATS set around and count the money while the customers are left homeless and on their own.

If you have had a similar experiance with this Company, see if your State has a Complaint Department for the Department of Insurance. File a complaint with them. If you have them as your insurance company DROP THEM QUICK, or you will be writing the next web complaint.


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