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BAT Industries PLC to remain in Mass. tobacco lawsuit

Associated Press, 03/23/98 23:07

BOSTON (AP) - A judge has denied a bid by BAT Industries PLC to be removed from the state's lawsuit against the tobacco industry.

BAT is the parent company of Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp., maker of Kool cigarettes. The British company argued it should not have to defend itself in the case because any alleged wrongdoing would have been committed by its subsidiaries, not BAT.

But Middlesex Superior Court Judge Martha Sosman ruled last week that the company must stay in the case.

``This is a significant victory in our battle to make big tobacco pay for the death and disease it has peddled in Massachusetts,'' Attorney General Scott Harshbarger said Monday in a statement.

The state is suing the industry to recover the costs of treating people's smoking-related illnesses that were paid through the Medicaid program.

BAT officials were not available for comment.


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