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Another horror story just beginning......

I have had auto insurance with Farmers Insurance for 4 years.  I am an excellent driver with only one moving violation in my 15 years of driving (this was 8 years ago and not even on my DMV record anymore).   I have only filed one claim
with Farmers Insurance for an accident which the other person was 100% at fault so I dealt directly with her company (Allstate, they were great).  Dealing with my own insurance company's claim department has been an eye-opener.

On January 4, 1999, my daughter and I were in my vehicle insured with full coverage, including Uninsured Motorist Coverage, by Farmers Insurance.  We were waiting to pull out of a gas station when we were backed into on the left side
by a vehicle being floored in reverse because the driver was in a hurry to leave the gas station.  The impact was enough to dent my left quarter panel far enough to dent the inside of my trunk and detach the quarter panel from my bumper.  My
daughter and I were both bounced forward hard enough for the seatbelt to lock and snap us back into our seats.

The other driver ran before I could get the entire license number. I called 911 and reported the accident and the first 4 characters of the hit and run vehicle's license number. The gas station cashier and the customer directly in front of this jerk both witnessed the accident and provided their information to me for the police report and insurance company.

Bad enough to have a hit-and-run accident, but dealing with Farmers Insurance has made it worse.   The people that I have dealt with so far in the Claims Department in the Oakland CA Claims Branch are either incompetent or

If you want more details, I have attached a letter that I have had to write to their Claims Branch Manager only 3 days after the accident.   But to make a long story short, they are refusing to cover this accident under my Uninsured
Motorist Coverage because I didn't get the full license number.   They are insisting that I must pay the $500 deductible for medical and the $500 deductible for property damage.   This is not what is stated in my policy!  

Although they have stated in a letter that they have completed a thorough investigation and I am not at fault, the letter was dated two days prior to the accident and they have REFUSED to accept or document any information other than
my description of the accident.   They have REFUSED to accept or document the partial license number, the Police Report number, and the information of the two independent witnesses.   So how could they have conducted a thorough

Maybe they thought this was a minor scrape and if charged a $500 deductible I would cancel the claim.    Not so.   I have yet to get an official estimate, but the damage is much more than $500.   Or maybe they though I was stupid or I
would think this will be too much hassle?   Not so.   I will fight this to the end, even if this means going to court.    See, they don't realize that I have a close relative who is an underwriter for Farmers Insurance and knows what's going on.

I will be changing insurance companies!   Any suggestions?????

Raquel Ross


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