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On Jan. 17, 1994 the Northridge Earthquake occurred.

Unfortunately, our condominium complex, which consists of 127
townhomes, was insured by Farmers Insurance. I say this because even though it is now five
years since the earthquake we still have not settled our claim.

Our homes have been inspected by our own experts and people hired by
Farmers on six different occasions. They all have issued the same reports. We suffered major damage and Farmers should repair it which they refuse to do.

We are now going into an appraisal hearing with a retired superior court judge as referee.

We feel that Farmers will not accept his findings and we will be forced to sue them for breach of contract and bad faith.

Is there no agency that can force this company to accept the commitment they made when they accepted our premiums?

We would appreciate any help or advice that we can get.


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