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Why I Hate Farmers Insurance Group

I used to be an award winning waitress. I once attempted to establish a Guinness World Record for Waitressing and waited on 39,132 customers in a year with only 5 days off the entire time. I have represented my company in The San Francisco Waiter's Race four times, placing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. I was featured on the cover of the company newsletter, wearing my SuperWaitress costume. I was named "Waitress of the Decade" at a previous job. I ran circles around waiters and waitresses half my age and won so many sales competitions that my co-workers gave up when they realize I was entered in a contest.

In addition, I rode mountain bikes, jogged, restored furniture, gardened and was in excellent physical condition. I am the sole support of my family and have worked at 2 jobs (at the same time) for almost 20 years. After 3 years of hard work and almost $6000, Moon's first car is finally finished. (about a month before the wreck)

In October of 1995, while sitting at a stop light on Highway 12 in Fairfield, my son and I were rear-ended by a young maniac who was driving his Dodge Ram 4 x 4 way too fast. The Dodge left 70 foot plus skidmarks before it struck the rear of my son's recently restored 66 Mustang. My son's foot was on the brake pedal at the time and the Mustang left additional skidmarks 24 feet across the intersection, until his foot came off of the pedal and we rolled to a stop beside the road.

The impact shortened the rear of the car a foot plus on the passenger side, where I was sitting (this is solid American steel). My son had heard the brakes lock up and had just enough time to see it coming in the rear view mirror and brace himself but I was not so fortunate. As 66 Mustangs only have lap belts, I sustained a severe whiplash injury to the area of where my neck meets the base of my skull.

I am in almost constant pain (frequent headaches, neck and back pain) especially on heavier work days (Fridays and Saturdays). I am now out of shape, tire easily and am gaining weight. I can no longer drive a car and can barely tolerate riding in one. I can only partially turn my head (and not very quickly). And I have had to go to part time at my primary job and shift to a management position at my other job as a result of this.

The insurance company (Farmers) offered my son approximately 55% of the value of the car and as he has extremely high tuition, is paying his own way through college and has no time to fight it, he had little recourse but to accept it. I retained a local attorney who quit when I refused to accept Farmer's ridiculous $2000 offer. This offer would not have covered the 40% fee for the attorney and the 2 seperate courses of therapy I have undertaken.

Farmer's agent have lied, stonewalled, "lost" our records and have obstructed our efforts to obtain a fair settlement throughout the entire 3 plus years this has been dragging its' way through the court system. In the next 3 weeks, the judge will dismiss our case as we have been unable to even find the weasel who caused this pain and suffering. At times the smarmy bastards at Farmer's have denied us access to important legal documents and attempted to thwart our every right.

We are not alone in this situation and have also located close to a dozen others through the internet who have suffered at the hands of this group of bottom feeders.

In addition, there is a web site at: (just click on it to go there) which lists over 200 other cases detailing Farmer's absolute lack of ethics.

I have ended up paying for what their client did to me and am facing a lifetime of pain and suffering and possible additional future medical expenses plus I now owe thousands of dollars for medical treatments and am being harassed by the therapist's collection agencies, who have placed a lien against me, even though the agreement was that I would not have to pay them until the case was over. In addition, this has damaged my credit to the extent that I was recently turned down for a credit card even though I am a responsible individual and pay all of my bills on time.

Farmers should be put out of business and some of their agents should be prosecuted and sent to jail..

Darla Webster


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