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Zurich Financial Services
Mythenquai 2
8022 Zurich, Switzerland

PHONE: +41-1-205-2121

FAX: +41-1-205-3618


CEO: Rolf Huppi

CFO: Gunther Gose


1997 SALES ($ mil): $35,726.0


COMPANY TYPE: Joint venture

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Need insurance? Don't worry, be Huppi. Rolf Huppi, chairman and CEO of Zurich Financial Services, leads the #3 insurance company in Europe (after AXA and Allianz), created in 1998 from the merger of B.A.T Industries' financial units and Zurich Insurance. The new financial services group offers insurance, reinsurance, and asset management through subsidiaries Farmers, Zurich Kemper Life, Universal Underwriters, and Scudder Kemper in the US and Allied Dunbar, Zurich Municipal, and Threadneedle Asset Management in the UK. Zurich Financial is jointly held by Zurich Allied AG (57%), which is owned by former Zurich Insurance shareholders, and Allied Zurich plc (43%), which is held by B.A.T shareholders.


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