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From:     Shannon Shepherd[]
Sent:     Wednesday, April 28, 1999 7:44 AM
Subject:     farmer insurance

Hi Ralph,

I was so glad to find your web site. I'm in the midst of a Farmers problem myself. My truck was recently in a hail storm, with minor damage to the body and major damage to my aluminum camper shell. Farmers covered $1000 on the body but refused to cover the shell because we didn't have the "E1104 Camper Endorsement." I didn't realize that a camper shell needed an additional endorsement, and further, the agent never bothered to inspect my vehicle. Had he done so, he would have seen that I had a camper shell and
that I needed additional coverage. I feel it's his job to make sure I'm properly covered.

Obviously Farmers doesn't agree (maybe because if the agent doesn't look at the insured item then they can almost always deny coverage). They tape recorded our statements, supposedly questioned the agent about his incompetence, and then sent us the same form letter denial that they issued twice before. In other words, no matter what we said or who we talked to or how big the agent screwed up, Farmers decided long ago that they weren't covering this claim.

My question to you, Ralph, is do you know if Farmers has a complaint department? And is it even worth my time? I'm planning to cancel my policy but I wanted to raise a stink first. I truly believe the agent failed to do his job.

Shannon Shepherd
St. Louis, MO


Hi Shannon,

My experience with Farmers Direct (a sub division of Farmers) demonstrated to me that Farmers has no valid complaint department. They simple log your complaint to a file and in the end, as was my experience, they delete all complaints and problems. What I had done with putting up a web site was to purchase and put my story up at that address. That got Farmers attention. I them begain dealing with a guy named John Mitchell. He said he was v.p. of Farmers or something like that. I eventually got some action. I will give you his phone number and address.  You should contact him directly and explain your situation.

John Mitchell's office: (323) 930-4093

Also their address is:

Farmers Insur. Group of Companies
4680 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angles, Calif. 90010

Good luck and I will be forwarding this message to a person who has more knowledge about Farmers than I do.



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