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My bad experience with Farmers Property Insurance

A claim was filed with Farmers Insurance for a theft, which took place at my residence of 0000 X XXXXX XXXXXX, XXXXX, AZ 00000 on February 22, 1999. The items were stolen while I was out of town and I filed a police report immediately upon discovery of the theft, which was when I returned home on February 24, 1999. The person who stole the items had been staying with me from September 19, 1999 until the day of the theft on February 22, 1999. This is a two-part complaint of MY experience.

Item 1:

I was promised payment of my claim based on the following occurrence:

After filing the police report I immediately called Farmers Insurance to file a claim. An adjuster by the name of Bill Hamilton came to my home on 03/01/99. Mr. Hamilton took a statement from me in regards to the theft and took pictures and collected receipts. My wife was there and was recorded as being present (the purpose of me mentioning this will be clear at the end). After taking my statement Mr. Hamilton stated that I could expect to receive a check for this claim in 10 days. He went on to tell me that the fact that I had already replaced some of the stolen items was fine and took pictures of these items and the vacant areas where the other items had been located. He also collected information from the receipts for the recently replaced items. He said if I wanted to I could also replace the other stolen items, as I would be receiving a check from Farmers Insurance in 10 days. He assured me that I would receive a check from Farmers Insurance before I would receive a credit card bill for which I might use to charge the missing items. I thought wow this is really great insurance, boy was I wrong.

Item 2:

After being promised payment of my claim, AND being told nothing to the contrary 2 months later I'm told...

Denied payment due to Farmers Insurance claiming guilty party was a resident in my home, which they were not:

Farmers Insurance has indicated that they will not pay the claim because they claim the person who stole the items was a resident in my home, which is excluded by the policy. This person who stole the items maintained a residence at XXXX XXXXX XXXX, XXXXXX XXXX FL 00000. All ties to a residence are in FL, this includes, but is not limited to, a car registered in FL, FL drivers license, owns a home in FL, all utility bills in FL are in this person’s name as well. For the 5-month duration, which this party stayed with me, there is no link or claim to residence in my home. To the best of my knowledge this person is still residing at the above FL address. I offered this information to Farmers Insurance as well as the local police department.

Summary of Farmers Insurance’s explanation:

After 10 days when I did not receive my check as promised, I phoned Farmers Insurance XXXX Claim office and was told that my claim had been transferred to a different adjuster by the name of Troy Kennedy. No reason was given for the switch. Troy told me that they could not process the claim until they received a copy of the police report. He said that they had not been able to obtain a copy from the XXXXXXX Police Department. After making numerous phone calls to the Farmers Insurance claim office and being told the same thing over and over again I phoned XXXXXXX Police and obtained the police report myself and promptly faxed it to Farmers Insurance XXXX Claim office. At this point it had been a month and a half. During this entire time I was never given any new information on my claim, verbally or written. Out of frustration I talked to Troy Kennedy’s supervisor, Brett Byerly. Brett informed that they might not honor the claim because Farmers Insurance felt that the theft was done by a resident of my home. I disputed this and informed him about item 1 and 2 as stated above. I also questioned why I was never told there was a problem, he had no explanation. Mr. Byerly said Mr. Hamilton’s behavior (him telling me "the check is in the mail") may have given up Farmers Insurance’s right to deny claim and asked me to write a letter to him about my exchange between Mr. Hamilton and myself. He also asked that I mail him receipts for the stolen items, which had already been replaced. I wrote the letter, faxed it and sent a hard copy along with the receipts he requested (a copy of the letter can be found here). After reviewing my letter, talking to my wife and talking to Mr. Hamilton, Brett informed me that they still might not honor the claim and offered to pay the interest on my credit card for the replaced items I purchased. His reasoning was that, although Mr. Hamilton acknowledged his statements of promising payment (Of course, Mr. Byerly informed me that Mr. Hamilton's recollection was slightly different then that of my wife and myself), 2 items were replaced in advance of my meeting with Mr. Hamilton AND he said the other item I would have replaced anyway. I thought this to be a very off color explanation. At this point I still have not been compensated for my losses.


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