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Subject: Farmer's refund checks.
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 16:58:25 -0700

I canceled all my Farmer's policies as the result of the recent gross negligence and mis-conduct in changing my insurance coverage from one home to another. Farmer's erroneously issued 3 refund checks, erroneously informed my new lender that my new house insurance had been canceled, erroneously told me to cash the third refund check (I returned the second), waited 2 years to perform an audit of the closed account, was unable to provide verification of the audit when requested by myself (in writing),
threatened referral to a collection agency when I asked for results of the audit, issued two more refund checks after I returned the refund amount, and finally demonstrated gross misconduct by jeopardizing my credit rating by sending the previously paid disputed debt to collection.

The Farmers Insurance Company is grossly negligent in requesting your collection for a previously paid debt. In fact the original debt was the result of their negligence in issuing a refund on a canceled policy 3 times.

I returned one duplicate check, and after three weeks of dealing with the company, without resolution, I was told to cash the check by a representative of Farmers. Two years later I received a request to return the amount of the second duplicate check. I requested an audit in writing within 8 days of Farmers notification. They did not respond, until they sent a latter notifying the debt would go to collection if I did not pay.

I verbally requested information that showed they were in error by sending the
third check. They said their only information was that the policy was canceled twice and they had no detailed records to show the second check was in error or not. They also said I must pay by 10 October 1999 or the debt would go to collection. I paid and received a receipt on 7 October 1999.

On 25 October 1999, I received another check, this time for $148.99 for cancellation of the same policy! On 27 October 1999 I received a collection letter.

Add this to your collection of Farmer's nightmares, I was a 20 year customer with Farmer's and they send me to collection for their $198.36 error!


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