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Subject: Keep us the good work!
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 15:15:08 EST

You are providing a great service for consumers and the agency forces of all exclusive agent companies.

I was terminated after 29 years for the "sole reason" of conflicts of interest being an attorney.......after praticing for years with no conflicts with anyone. But I wrote an article critical of the declining rights of agents because of a new contract. I was terminated 2 months after the article was published.

I am now in a multi-million dollar suit against the gangsters, who routinely defraud anyone in contact with them. The basic fraud, is that they promised "independent contractor"
status for the agents, so as to avoid employee taxation, insurance and fringe benefits......then they slink around scaring their agents with threats of termination of their contracts.

They induce those contracts by fraud (promising only just-cause termination) then renege after the agent spends years building their agencies. This same practice is also used by Allstate and S Farm.


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