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Texans to get $11 million refund from Mid-Century Insurance Co. By Joe Frey

Thanks to a miscalculation in April 1998, Mid-Century Insurance Co., one of the largest auto insurers in Texas, overcharged its policyholders over a 13-month period and will now refund $11 million to about 800,000 Texans. In addition, the company has agreed to reduce its current auto insurance rates by 3 percent, saving its policyholders an estimated $8 million, according to the Texas Department of Insurance (DOI).

Mid-Century Insurance is a part of Farmers Insurance Group, the No. 2 personal auto insurer in Texas.

Don't forget to carry the "1"

Back in 1998, Mid-Century filed with the DOI for a 6.5 percent decrease in its auto insurance rates. The rates were initially approved by the department, but upon review, the department found that Mid-Century's proposed 6.5 percent rate cut was in practice a 5 percent cut.

"In 1998, we had a bunch of companies roll back their rates, so we looked at all the companies' rates pretty hard back then," says Lee Jones, a spokesperson for the Texas DOI. Two separate departmental reviews of Mid-Century's rates determined that not only had Mid-Century overcharged its policyholders from April 15, 1998, through May 15, 1999, but also that the company's current rates are too high.

Mid-Century has chalked up the mass overcharge to miscalculation and human error and has signed a consent order with the DOI that requires it to reimburse its policyholders. In signing the consent order, Mid-Century denies any wrongdoing.

In a statement issued by Farmers' Texas office, the company lauded its forthcoming rate reductions as a "reward" for the company's best customers.

The check's in the mail

Mid-Century has 120 days from March 7, 2000, to send the refunds to its current and former policyholders. Current policyholders are eligible for reimbursement in the form of either a check or a credit to their current premium bill. According to the consent order, the form of reimbursement for current policyholders is at the discretion of Mid-Century. Former policyholders will receive checks in the mail.

In addition, Mid-Century is required to file new rates that are 3 percent lower than its current rates. Those rates are slated to take effect no later than April 1, 2000.


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