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Subject: Perhaps you provide some insight....
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 10:34:16 EST

In august of 1999 my car (1993 Jeep) was hit by a drunk driver while parked in front to my house. We called Farmers to find out what to do. They gave
us a choice of 2 repair shops (both owned by the same people). We chose the one closest to our home. At the shop they had me sign a paper stating that we not 'forced' to use that particular shop. I felt I had to sign the paper but, told the clerk that I was not really given a choice. For all intent and purpose, the damage looked minor and was considered 'minor' according to the police report.

In any case, the repairs took 55 DAYS and we were hassled every step of the way. After the first 3 weeks of repair, we were told "your car will be ready by the end of the week", they told us this for at least 4
weeks! In the meantime, my mother had serious heart surgery and I had the rental car company calling me at the hospital to find out when I would return their vehicle and I was forced to call the repair shop on an almost daily basis to deal with issues about the repairs! The hassle was unbelievable!!!

In addition to ethics questions about the relationship between the Farmers adjuster and the repair shop, we have a rental car issue.

After all was said and done, we were told by both (State Farm and Farmers)that the $2,500.00 rental car bill was taken care of. A short time later we
received a notice about Subrogation and the letter stated that if there was anything left over after the settlement, that amount would be given to us.

A few weeks later we received a check for $1,000.00, which we were happy about and assumed that the Subrogation issue had been settled. The check stub
contained only the words 'collision plus' , in very tiny print, we had to go back and search for it,that's all that was written on the check.

A month has passed since we received the check and a few days ago we received a call from the rental car agency saying that there was still a balance owed
of $1,000.00 ????

We called Framers and the adjuster told us that yes they did make a mistake and the check should made out to and gone directly to the car rental agency and that we should have known!! How on earth would we have
known, since the only documentation we received from them was the Subrogation letter, there was never any final detailed billing or anything of that sort.
In addition to all of the other hassles they caused us, Farmers is taking no responsibility for their mistakes!!!! Should I take them to court?

Sorry this is such a lengthy note, I tried to condense as much as I could. Thanks very much for your time.


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