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From: "Randy" <>
To: <>
Subject: Our impending litigation against Farmer's Insurance and their 
abuse of the Discovery Process.
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 16:25:14 -0600

Dear Alan,

Thank you for your email reply. We have found an attorney willing to take our case on contingency against Farmer's Insurance. He sent a demand letter to Farmer's and received a patronizing and insulting reply back. In addition the Attorney representing Farmer's Insurance has directly threatened my wife's employment and arrogantly demanded information that he is not entitled to under the law. They are attempting to use extortion and intimidation to get us to drop our Action against them. They have requested Bank records and information that has no bearing on the case in an attempt to harass and embarrass us. Farmer's Insurance has a national reputation for abuse of their policy holders. I am amazed at the political protection that they have here in Texas. Our State Department of Insurance has not acted to protect the citizens of our State from Farmer's predatory trade practices. This is a criminal enterprise in my opinion that should be broken up under the Federal Racketeering Statutes. Only when Executives of Farmer's Insurance go to prison will these abuses stop. I am determined to get even with Farmer's Insurance, and they have made an enemy of me for 


Randall XXXXX









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