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From: "Gloria XXXXX" <
Subject: ripped off
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 07:17:18 EST

To whom it may complaint is somewhat small now after reading
all those stories. I am shocked but grateful to have run into your web site.

My history with Farmers........

I bought a new car this past June. I bought it from the largest dealer in town and I knew and trusted the salesman. He said this Insurance man is great. Every one here is a client of his. He can really save you some money. I thought great. It has been a nightmare. I haven't saved any money my coverage is less. I dropped my renters policy because he set me up paying it monthly. None of my other policies are set up that way. The company (Prematic)who handles the monthly billing said I have had to agree to it and sign for it somewhere. My Farmers agent said "Well go ahead and pay it this year and we'll change it next year."

During this I had a meeting with him about a savings program. I can't remember what it is exactly he called it and it had a $10,000 life insurance policy with it. It was set up like a 401K but you could draw out what ever you wanted anytime..just call him. It was a way of legally avoiding paying taxes. He said you put in $25 to what ever you want in a month and at anytime deposit money. The screen on his laptop was setup just like a 401K. Showing what you would make off of interest for this year and 10 years down the road and so forth. Just by putting back $25 a month. I did it. I had it directly taken out of my checking account. Two months went by before I received my paperwork and in this time. The Farmers Insurance man and I had become pretty good friends. I trusted him. He was very outgoing. I almost didn't even bother to look over the paperwork. After I read it I was floored he sold me a $100,000 life insurance policy. The $25 a month that was supposed to be going to savings was the amount of the premium. I called him and asked what is this? This isn't at all what we talked about I didn't even ask for a policy it was never discussed. Not
Once!!! He said the savings program comes with it on the side. This was not
mentioned in our meeting. I did get my money back but what a slap in the
face and a waste of my time.

I just received my renewel... Of course there is no way in hell I am staying with Farmers. But they got me again. I am listed as under 25 years old. I'm 29. I really hate these people and something needs to be done.

Thank you


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