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Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 4:29 PM
Subject: Incompetent Arlington, Texas Farmers Agent

Here is a brief time line of my bad experience with Farmers Insurance.

I've been with Farmers Insurance for over 10 years, including my relatives and immediate family, we have over 15 cars registered with Farmers Insurance.

* Jan 2000 - I had a '92 Nissan Maxima and a '00 Nissan Altima registered with this agent in Arlington, Texas. I pay my auto insurance policy every 6 months ( March and Sept). In Feb 00, my Maxima was rear ended and was then written off by Farmers Underwriters.

* Mar 2000 - I bought a new Honda Accord, called my friendly Farmers agent to put my new Honda on the policy, instead of the Maxima. He did that and faxed me the copy of the policy, which clearly stated both the Altima and Honda as registered insured vehicles!.

* Aug 2000 - the Altima was involved in an accident, was then written off by Farmers Underwriters. In Aug, Farmers paid me $12,000 for the car. Subsequently, while talking to my agents secretary, I found out that my new Honda, which was bought in March and which according to my agent was insured, was never actually put on the policy. Instead, the policy had the Altima and the Maxima as the current insured vehicles!....1st problem: The Maxima was written off in Feb, and Farmers did not delete the vehicle off my policy. 2nd problem: My Honda was never on the policy (as per my agents fax) and thus I was driving a brand new car uninsured and unknown to me. When I asked my agent about this, he told me that my Honda was never put on my policy b/c he had in fact created a new policy for me in which he put my Honda on it. Problem 3: I called Austin HQ, gave them my new Honda policy number and guess what, that policy did not exist!. I called my agent, he faxed me the " new" policy and I called HQ again, same problem, the computers showed that the policy did not exist!. Fed up at the incompetent agent, I changed my agents and opened a new policy with the new agent, and I informed the old agent verbally and in writing that I would not be renewing my policy with him again!.

* Sep 2000 - Sent check to new agent for my Honda. The policy was real and existed. I get a letter from my old agent demanding money I owe him for a certain " Altima" still on my old policy. I ignore this letter as the Altima was written off in Aug.

* Oct - Nov 00 - I get 3 more letters asking for payment on an outstanding policy payment, finally got hold off the agent and he explained to me that the letters I had been getting were for an Altima that's policy renewal was in Sept. I kept arguing with him that the Altima was written off in Aug, so why would I owe him money for a car that did not exist. He would not listen to me.

* Dec 2000 - May 2001 - Have received 5 letters from a collection agency, asking me to pay my outstanding payment on an Altima or face a " bad record" on my credit history. Called Farmers HQ seven times in the last 5 months, neither my old nor my new policies show me owing any amounts.

Question: if neither my new nor my old policies show any outstanding amounts, why am I being threatened by a collection agency?. Farmers promise to look into the matter and call me, the same thing I have heard from 7 different customer reps!.

* June 2001 - Update. I got another letter today from the collection agency. I called Farmers HQ, the customer service rep said she's get a " Level 2" clerk to do some research for me. She checked my old policy to see any outstanding amounts owed?. Nothing!. She checked my new policy for any outstanding amounts owed?. Nothing?. I ask her how Farmers send a collection agency to get money from me when they have no records of why money is owed by me. She also says that Farmers show no record of payment for the Altima when it was written off in Aug 2000!.

How incompetent can Farmers be?. 1st they do not show a payment to me from them for over $12,000. 2nd, they have no idea why I am getting billed for an " outstanding amount"?. I will keep fighting till I clear this mess up, as soon as I resolve this, I will find another non-Farmers agent, and will also encourage my friends and family to move from Farmers.

A very pissed off long time Farmers client.



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