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From: "XXXX" <
Subject: ex-Farmers agent
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 22:56:37 -0700

I have a slightly different perspective of Farmers Insurance. I was an agent for Farmers Ins. Group tens years ago. In addition to being an agent I was a customer with 9 policies and many of my friends and family having policies with Farmers. I obeyed every rule, completed every course and followed everything my manager and Farmers asked me to do. In short, I worked my butt off for Farmers and my family to build an agency/business.
In '92 wrote a bunch of life insurance for Farmers and became one of the top producers in my Rocky Mountain region. Farmers sent me on a cruise, a vacation to Canada, San Antonio and New York all for being one of the top producers of their company. At the end of that same year I was checked in to a medical center for a bleeding blader infection caused by stress and the start of a bleeding ulcer. I missed nearly a month of work for this
and explained to my manager what had happened. He didn't care, he was only looking for numbers and commisions. He told me I was on my own, he would not help me. The next month I was fired from Farmers and had my income severed. I attempted to contact some of the division and regional managers I had met on the company vacations for help and was given the cold shoulder. I was lied to and jerked around so much that I finally resigned three months later. Farmers Insurance turned out to be the most disloyal, disrespectful insurance company in America. I straight-way canceled all my insurance with them and so did all my family and friends. Farmers and my manager made a huge mistake in kicking me when I was down and needed them most. Further, I personally witnessed Farmers reject and cancel several claims that they were honestly and legally responsible to pay. Farmers is no good.

XXXXXX, Oregon



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