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Subject: Framers Fire Claim
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 15:46:10 EDT

I am writing this letter to inform people that Farmers Insurance group need to change their name to group Framers Insurance group".My family and myself suffered a house fire in January of 1999. Farmers immediately set out to deny our claim by accusing me of the Arson. It is true that the fire was a result of Arson and a burglary. However without any shred of evidence Farmers accused me of the fire and denied our claim. After two years we have finally gotten part of the discovery. In the discovery was two 911 calls that
described the person and the vehicle of the suspect we had stated to Farmers we thought was responsible. Farmers was given a list of people to contact that could account for my whereabouts at the time of the fire and to date has failed to contact anyone. We have secured affidavits that place me 250 miles away at the time of the fire. Farmers hired an out of state attorney not licensed in the state of the fire to do EUO'S.The investigator attorney for Farmers invented a financial motive and disregarded the banking and financial
info provided to him. Farmers has tried to make this case a personal assassination on me, because I do have a past criminal history. The criminal history is for bad checks from over ten years ago. During our EUO I was asked how much money my company made the year before. I was off on my estimate by 30,000 dollars. Only made 500,000 that year not 530.0000. That is one of Farmers reasons for denying our claim.

Well, after 2 years Farmers retained new counsel. They are wanting to go to mediation instead of a trial. My attorneys feel this is in my best interest. I am Leary that this is only an additional stall tactic as well as giving them the opportunity to feel out our case further as of to date my out of pocket costs as well as the interest on what Farmers hasn't paid is in
excess of 1 million dollars. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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